Northeast Ohio Vocal Arts Academy - Professional Training for Singer-Actors
Are you a CSR, a salesperson, a teacher, clergy or layperson, spokesperson, professional speechmaker, or any one who needs to use the voice for their livelihood?
Do you have a "little-girl" voice? a monotone? Are you extremely nasal, or sound like a "neck-tie tenor"?
Do you want to get rid of an accent, or sound older -- or younger?
NOVA Academy can help!
We will design a step-by-step study guide to help you change how you speak so that you will be understood clearly, while displaying a confident, well-modulated tone.
It is possible to influence your listeners! Voice-over actors, book-readers, even radio and TV personalities have had many hours of vocal coaching to improve their diction and delivery. Whether you require an energy-charged voice to summon courage or a soothing voice to inspire a prayer, NOVAA will show you how to gravitate listeners to your message.
For businesses that require employees to use their voices to control a call, a program can be created to change how representatives are perceived by customers, giving control to the employees rather than being rail-roaded by emotionally charged clients.
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